Welcome To The End
Of Dyslexic Struggles

The Dyslexic Browser

 The Dyslexic Browser Chrome extension is specifically designed to help people who suffer from dyslexia browse and interact with the web without having to struggle through written content. With the simple click of a mouse, the extension can help you read or write most anything from any site.

Intuitive reading controls

 The Dyslexic Browser comes with super intuitive text to speech. Say good buy to confusing controls and time wasting entire page tts add ons!! With the Dyslexic Browser all you have to do it select what you want to read, right click and select "Read Selected". Easy as that!!

Toggle Features Easily

 Each display feature allows for easy toggling through hot keys. When you get to a section of text, and need an extra feature deployed, you can easily enable whichever feature you want at the press of a key!! Simple as that!

And Its Mostly Free Thanks to The Generosity of Our Patrons!!

 Because we want anyone who needs this resource to have access to it, we decided to make this extension completely free to everyone! This means that 100% of the funding to create and maintain this extension comes from our patreon supporters, and those who purchase items from our shop. If you want to help build this extension and help hundreds of dyslexic people browse the internet free from the burdons of dyslexia check out our patreon!!